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Photos aléatoires - Evénements
Exhibition @ Unesco Palacevu 53 foisDear Friends and members,

I would like to invite you to discover my newest collection which will take place @ UNESCO Palace near Mariot Hotel.
The opening will be on 14th of december at 6pm and it will end on the 15th of december at 8 pm.
Let's share Christmas time together !!!

Event with Kahwet Leila 2013vu 58 foisHave you ever heard about Leila?

Is it a female name?
Doesn’t sound an Arabic name?
Could it mean “a night”?
Why couldn’t be both since:

Sana’s Collection is pleased to invite you to its Leila event which will take place at “Kahwet Leila” in Gemayzeh.
If you are going to miss Leila on Thursday the 17th of January, don’t worry as you can join her/it also on Friday the 18th of January.
Sana Collection au Musée National de Beyrouth - Dec. 2013vu 66 fois
Sana Collection @ In Shape - Biel - Mars 2014vu 68 fois
Sana Collection @ "Beez Expo" - USJ Achrafieh - Mars 2014vu 72 fois
Sana Collection @ "Beez Expo" - USJ Achrafieh - Mars 2014vu 55 fois
Sana Collection fête la St. Valentin à l’hôtel de mon Père à Byblos- Fev. 2014vu 66 fois
Exhibition "Salon Francophone du Livre de Beyrouth 2014"vu 49 foisExhibiting of Phoenician letters Collection as of "Bookmarks"

Derniers ajouts - Evénements
Christmas Exhibition from 11 to 24 December 2014vu 61 foisExhibiting during Christmas 2014 at Galaxy Mall with "My Christmas Lebanese Event"01 Février 2015
Christmas Exhibition "The Hand Made Expo 2014" from 27 to 30 November 2014vu 62 foisExhibiting during Christmas 2014 which took place in "Rabweh area"01 Février 2015
Exhibition at the "Salon Francophone de Beyrouth" 2014vu 49 foisExhibiting during the French Book Fair which took place at Biel01 Février 2015
Exhibition "Souk El Tayeb" - Beirut - 3rd & 10th of May 2014vu 66 foisExhibiting The Phoenician Alphabetical Letters collection01 Février 2015
Exhibition in collaboration with "Regina Sneifer 29th March 2014vu 69 foisIn collaboration with the author "Regina Sneifer" for the signature of her book " Bentael Fille de l'alphabet" which took place in Byblos city at "Byblos Cultural Center" 01 Février 2015
The Handmade Expo vu 59 fois04 Janvier 2015
Christmas Exhibition @ Galaxy Mall vu 55 fois04 Janvier 2015
Christmas Exhibition @ Galaxy Mall vu 65 fois04 Janvier 2015