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Photos aléatoires - Evénements
Exhibition @ Unesco Palacevu 73 foisDear Friends and members,

I would like to invite you to discover my newest collection which will take place @ UNESCO Palace near Mariot Hotel.
The opening will be on 14th of december at 6pm and it will end on the 15th of december at 8 pm.
Let's share Christmas time together !!!

Event with Café Younes ! 2913vu 80 foisMy story with Younes!

I met Younes months ago while going to meet someone else.

My interest was focused on this someone else until I reached Younes and discovered that each of them is Unique as my Handmade Creation is.

How couldn’t Younes be Unique since it’s dated since 1935 and still smells and tastes through its coffee and cakes?

Why couldn’t my story be yours too so you’ll be able to discover Younes and someone else like “Sana’s Collection”?

Does it sound good to you?

Then join us this Wednesday 23rdof January In Hamra branch “Neemat Yafet street” from 12.00 till 9pm,for an exclusive on day event with Café Younes and Sana’s Collection.
Sana Collection @ Jardin des Arts 2013vu 78 foisWondering where to go out in a hot summer night?

Searching for fresh air, unusual atmosphere?

Fresh air is located in Ballouneh area with its freshly garden.

Unusual atmosphere belongs to “Jardin des Arts”.
A rendezvous with handcrafters whose aims are not just to sell you their arts but also showing you how a thought can be transformed into reality.

Don’t be surprised if you pass by during the four nights and seeing the same handcraft-er working on his/her same thought. But give yourself just a moment in time which is considering a lifetime for a handcraft-er to make alive a hidden thought into a piece of art.
Sana Collection @ L’hôtel de mon Père 2013vu 81 foisSana Collection

celebrates Saturday 9th of November 2013, the launching of its new line of jewelry "The Phoenician Alphabetical Letters”

On this occasion, with the support of and in collaboration with Thierry Abi-Saab, an evening will take place at
L’hôtel de mon Père, Byblos.

The presentation will start at 5 p.m. and will be followed by a welcome drink.

Pleasure to see you,
Sana Collection fête la St. Valentin à l’hôtel de mon Père à Byblos- Fev. 2014vu 85 fois
Sana Collection @ In Shape - Biel - Mars 2014vu 84 fois
Christmas Exhibition @ Galaxy Mall vu 76 fois
The Handmade Expo vu 77 foisExhibiting of Phoenician letters Collection

Derniers ajouts - Evénements
Christmas Exhibition from 11 to 24 December 2014vu 83 foisExhibiting during Christmas 2014 at Galaxy Mall with "My Christmas Lebanese Event"01 Février 2015
Christmas Exhibition "The Hand Made Expo 2014" from 27 to 30 November 2014vu 84 foisExhibiting during Christmas 2014 which took place in "Rabweh area"01 Février 2015
Exhibition at the "Salon Francophone de Beyrouth" 2014vu 69 foisExhibiting during the French Book Fair which took place at Biel01 Février 2015
Exhibition "Souk El Tayeb" - Beirut - 3rd & 10th of May 2014vu 90 foisExhibiting The Phoenician Alphabetical Letters collection01 Février 2015
Exhibition in collaboration with "Regina Sneifer 29th March 2014vu 92 foisIn collaboration with the author "Regina Sneifer" for the signature of her book " Bentael Fille de l'alphabet" which took place in Byblos city at "Byblos Cultural Center" 01 Février 2015
The Handmade Expo vu 83 fois04 Janvier 2015
Christmas Exhibition @ Galaxy Mall vu 79 fois04 Janvier 2015
Christmas Exhibition @ Galaxy Mall vu 89 fois04 Janvier 2015